Coronation St Bingo At Gala

Fancy a trip to probably the most famous ‘Street’ on the planet combined with a game of bingo?, then you need to try Gala Bingo’s exclusive Coronation St, 90 ball bingo game.  Take a stroll down the streets famous cobbles, meet the characters we’ve grown to love or hate! and all with the chance of winning some great cash prizes, courtesy of the team at Gala Bingo.

‘Corrie’, as the world famous soap opera has become known to its millions of fans, first hit the UKs tv screens way back in 1960.   Devised by scriptwriter Tony Warren for Granada TV, the soap was initially rejected but eventually a thirteen episode pilot series was made and the rest is history!.

Critics thought the shows use of characters speaking with a northern dialect and sense of humour would not be popular with the public …. just goes to prove how much the ‘experts’ know!.

The rows of terraced houses, Rover’s Return pub, corner shop and Bessie St school are all set in Weatherfield, a fictional town based on Salford.  The gritty setting and down to earth characters became an instant hit with the viewing public and ‘Corrie’ quickly became the most watched programme on tv.

The show has been one of the most financially successful on commercial tv and has made a major contribution to the success of Granada TV and ITV.   For many years it was produced at Granada Studios in central Manchester however in 2014 production moved to the new MediaCity development at Trafford Wharf.

The team at Gala offer a whole Coronation St themed, 90 ball bingo room which is open for play from 8am to midnight every day of the week.  The ‘caller’ and host is one of Corrie’s old favourites, the slightly bonkers Reg Holdsworth, aka actor Ken Morley.  Ken is often joined in the bingo room by actor John Savident, he played the streets lovable but unlucky butcher Fred Elliot, who died on his wedding day back in 2006!.

You’ll be spoilt for choice in the Coronation St bingo room, try the 1TG game in the Rovers Return or take a tea break with the gang at Underworld, drop in to Streetcars for a BOGOF game or pop in to the Kabin for bingo ‘sweeties’ laced with all the latest gossip!.

Keen ‘Corrie' fans will love the classic video clips of which there are over 100 dating from the earliest episodes up to the present day, you will be entertained by all your favourite characters and storylines.

The team at Gala have covered every base, when you feel like a change from bingo or just a quick game on the side try the Coronation St ‘slot’.   Drop in on Audrey and the staff at the hair salon or pop in to Roy’s Rolls where spins start from just 10p.   It’s no surprise that this is a popular online slot game which offers a progressive Jackpot prize regularly reaching a six figure sum.

Whether you’re a fan of ‘Corrie’ or not, this is it a well thought out and themed bingo game and slot, get over to Gala Bingo and give it a try.