The Best 5 Methods To Grab Free Bingo Money

Free bingo money can be found everywhere.  Find out the best tips so you don’t need to spend a fortune when enjoying your favourite pass time.

The Best 5 Methods to Grab Free Bingo Money

It’s not often you get something for nothing these days – so when you do it’s best to grab it with both hands!  We thought we would give you some tips on how to scoop free bingo money so that you can enjoy your favourite pass time without having to hurt your bank balance!

No Deposit Bonus

You will find heaps of bingo sites across the web and in order to make themselves seem more enticing – you will often find they have a free bonus on offer that you can take advantage of without depositing.  Generally all you would have to do is complete a simple registration form and the bonus funds would be credited to your account.  This gives you a chance to try the site out for size before deciding whether you want to make a deposit or not.

Free Bingo Games

As part of their promotions a lot of the time you will find some free bingo offerings.  Free bingo rooms can either be open to all players (i.e including non-funded) – or only to players who have made a deposit.  Some of the bigger brands offer free bingo not only daily but 24/7 so you can get a free bingo fix 24/7.  Another offer to look out for is free bingo rooms that are open to players who have met certain requirements i.e deposited a certain amount that day or completed certain actions.

Refer A Friend Bonus

Some bingo sites like to reward you for spreading the word about their site – so if you do refer someone to them – you will get an added bonus.  This could be anything from a fiver up to £20 – depending on the site.  Some also will give you a percentage of their future deposits.

Deposit Bonuses

The biggest bonus offer you are likely to find from a site is their welcome bonus.  This is when you make your first deposit.  You should definitely make the most of this one as although you will find reload bonuses – they will never be as high.  As part of their promotional offers you may also find special deposit bonus codes to use giving you even more free cash.

Social Activity Bonuses

Since social media has taken the world by storm and bingo sites have jumped on it.  You will find that you will often be awarded with bonus funds simply for liking a page which doesn’t require much effort.  On top of this – you can win bonus funds by taking part in their competitions so make sure you get involved.