Saturday Night Takeaway Bingo

Popular tv presenters ‘Ant and Dec’ are all set to return to our screens in a brand new series of Saturday Night Takeaway. The duo, who are also the executive producers, will be hosting their 12th series of the light entertainment show.

First broadcast live from The London Studios on the South Bank in June 2000, the show was an instant Saturday night hit with the viewing public, they loved the mix of celebrity guests and hilarious pranks and competitions, all mixed up with more than a few surprises. The ITV show won a well deserved BAFTA in 2014.

Ant and Dec usually start the show with a comedy sketch based on a current topic and then move on to the audience from whom they will pick 3 or 4 people to take part in the show. The ‘chosen ones’ will then take part in a game such as ‘Fame for a Laugh’, ‘Frownton Abbey’ or ‘Stars in their Lives’ all played out live in the studio.

Whilst the show may have been off our tv screens since last years run, in the meantime those in the know have been playing the very popular bingo game version of Saturday Night Takeaway, online at Gala Bingo.

A traditional 90 ball bingo game, Saturday Night Takeaway has a bonus ‘community feature’. When players purchase tickets for the bingo game they are randomly assigned to either ‘Team Ant’ or ‘Team Dec’. Team Ant scores a point every time a red odd numbered ball is called, whilst Team Dec score a point for every even numbered blue ball.

The team with the most points when the house bingo prize is won, win that round and the points are then reset to zero for the next round. If both Ant and Dec’s teams score evenly, the winner is randomly decided. Whichever lucky team manage to win the most rounds will also win the ‘community feature’. All bingo playing members on the winning team will receive a share of the Ant v Dec feature pot prize.

To celebrate the return of the long running show, Gala are also offering an extra “Win the Ads’ game on Saturday nights, for the next couple of months. Full House winners will take part in a special feature game where they can win some extra fantastic prizes.

Star Prizes range from a TV, Laptop and Home Cinema, to £1000 in holiday vouchers, other prizes include £500 in cash, a Mini Tablet and a portable Games Console, or perhaps you’ll be on the receiving end of one of Ant and Dec’s pranks and come away with the Rubber Duck or Luxury Loo Roll!.

The ‘Saturday Night Takeaway’ bingo room is open daily from 8am to midnight and if you’re not yet a member at Gala don’t forget to take advantage of their sign up offer. New players who deposit £10 in cash and spend it on bingo tickets will automatically have a £30 bonus paid into their new bingo account.

It’s always feels better to play with someone else’s money! so don’t waste time, get over to Gala and join in the fun and games, Ant and Dec style.