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Tombola Bingo is heavily advertised and one of the fastest growing online bingo sites in the UK. Involved with bingo for over 50 years, Tombola Bingo keeps everything in-house and has created all of their own games and have a busy team of designers and software engineers building new games and new features all the time so that you get the best bingo experience possible. Throw in a fantastic new player welcome bonus and you’ll be daubing your bingo cards faster than you can say Full House!

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Because all of the games are created at Tombola, they have a vast range of not just bingo games, but a also a variety of exclusive online games that you won’t find on any other bingo site. Games are designed to suit all budgets, with their lowest priced game at just 2p per ticket, so you really can play longer for less and still be within a chance of winning a jackpot prize of £100. And how about their totally free game which pays out £20,000 each and every week?

And one of the funniest things about Tombola is their Binglish-English Translator! So if you’re new to online bingo and not sure about bingo phrases, then you need not worry, as the binglish translator will solve all your 1TG problems!

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Undoubtedly their greatest exclusive game is Cinco, which is a card based game that has a £20,000 jackpot. An additional well-liked game is Bingo Roulette which combines the excitement of casino roulette with all the enjoyment of bingo. The game is open to all players who’ve played at least £2 in actual cash within the last week. Plus for players who like a great chat there’s 59 chat rooms to select from with more than one hundred chat room moderators.

£4 million in money prizes is picked up every week at Tombola and with a fab welcome bonus up for grabs all you have to do is deposit £10-£25 and you’ll get £20-£50, so if you deposit £10 you’ll get £20 FREE or deposit £25 and get £50 FREE!

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