Slot Review: Deal or No Deal – The Banker’s Riches

TV quiz shows have had their fair share of slot machines based on them, which have proven to be just as popular online. The new twenty slot Deal or No Deal game: ‘Deal or No Deal – The Banker's Riches' is one of our favourites.

The game includes three bonus features and a three-level progressive jackpot to play for.  The aim of the game is to get a winning combination of symbols on any of the twenty selectable lines, with the pay-out dependant on how much you're willing to stake on each line. You can bet anything from 1p to £5 on each win line but only the highest award for each line will be paid out. Fancy a go? Follow the link to play Deal or No Deal, or any other themed slots and games.

One of the best features of the Deal or No Deal game are the bonus rounds. First you've got the Reel Banker round, triggered by three or four bonus symbols. This will give you continuous free spins until the Banker symbol lands on Reel three. All prizes during these games get doubled.

The next bonus round is called The Banker’s Best Offer, triggered by three or four bonus symbols. You will be offered up to ten offers from the banker, ranging between one and twenty times the total stake when the bonus round was triggered. This is where it gets really exciting. If you had the maximum stake of twenty lines all at £5 (so £100 in total), you could win prizes from £100 up to a massive £2000!

As in the Deal or No Deal TV show, the prizes are not offered in any particular order so you will need to play carefully. You can decline the prizes one after the other and stick on the one you think is going to be the highest.

Arguably, the Jackpot bonus round is the best. This is triggered by 3, 4, or 5 bonus symbols and is based on the classic Deal or no Deal game – you choose a lucky box and then open the other boxes one by one.

Just like on the show, once an amount has been revealed it cannot be won. After six boxes, the banker will make you an offer. If you decline it, you'll get up to four more offers until there is just one lucky box on the table. The amount in this box is how much you will win.

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