Free Bingo Hours at Paddy Power

If there's one thing that the good folks at Paddy Power Bingo do well it's rewarding customer loyalty and so once again they've come with yet another way to give back to you for playing online bingo.

Once you spend £50 cash in the current month and play on site for 10 or more days then you'll be invited for a month of free bingo at Paddy Power.

The exclusive free room takes place in the Star Rewards Room, every Monday – Friday from 6pm – 7pm and there will be £100 up for grabs each night.

And that's not all they've got going on for free bingo – every day you can play free bingo and win bingo bonuses in a variety of the Paddy Power Bingo rooms.

All you have to do is choose a time because it's free.

  • 12pm- 12pm, on the hour in the Bargain Basement Room
  • or

  • Non-stop, 7pm- 11pm in The Super Room
  • So the more you play the more free bingo you get and if that wasn't enough you can also for free, non-stop every night as well!!

    Loyalty equals rewards at Paddy Power Bingo so get signed up and start playing today.