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Bingo Deals Galore At Gala

There are many reasons to choose to play at Gala Bingo, not least of these is the great range of deals and promotions available each and every day! There are many cheap and free bingo games to play if you don’t fancy spending much money in these cash strapped times plus there are also prize draws, cash bonuses and fantastic jackpots! Check out a few of our favourites below.

Friend Referral
There is lots of free cash up for grabs at Gala Bingo and all you need to do to take advantage of it is refer your friends and get them to play online. For every friend you invite you could earn £20 so long as they play £10 worth of bingo. Alternatively you could choose to get a free Buzzby Bear soft toy. The maximum number of friends you can claim a cash bonus for is 5 but that still means you could find yourself with a bonus total of £100 in your account!

5 Days of Free Bingo
Did you know that as a new member you can take advantage of Gala Bingo’s Newbie's Room where you'll be entitled to play 5 DAYS FREE bingo for £30 bonus funds the day after you join! You'll be treated with the very best service from their friendly Newbie Room Chat Hosts, who are there to help and answer any questions you may have!

Super Spotlight Jackpots
The thrill of playing bingo is getting to shout out when you complete a line or even get a full house, but what makes this even better is if the prize is large. Gala Bingo offer the chance for mega jackpots every half an hour in a range of bingo rooms such as City, Country, Seaside, Castle, Royal, Station, Mountain, Island, Dreams, Book Club, Allsorts, Gala Live. The jackpots are big because 10% of all the money wagered on the games goes into the prize fund and it really does build the jackpot quickly!

Las Vegas Holiday Prize

A Free Trip To Vegas Could Be Yours!

Everyone who loves playing bingo and slots online must love the idea of a dream holiday to Las Vegas! Well Gala Bingo are offering you the chance to do just that with their fantastic prize rush this summer! Three luxury holidays to Las Vegas along with many other great weekly prizes such as iPad Minis and cash prizes are up for grabs and all you need to do is play your favourite slots and bingo games.

All you need to do to opt in is follow the link to Gala Bingo and play any of the great slot title selection or bingo games. Points are earned by wagering £20 on slots and £10 on bingo. You can also earn double points if you complete the requirements whilst playing on a mobile device!

Prizes are awarded weekly with the star prize awarded monthly. Simply climb the leader board each week to earn from a selection of fantastic prizes. Reach the top of the leader board and you will win an iPad Mini, get as far as second or third and you win £100, places four to five are awarded £50, six, seven, eight, nine and tenth places are awarded £25 and the remaining places of eleven to twenty-five will win £10.

The star prize of a holiday to Las Vegas is awarded to the overall top player on the monthly leader board. If you are lucky enough to win this great prize you will depart on the 18th of November for 4 fun filled days in the gamblers paradise. So get yourself over to Gala Bingo today and get playing to give yourself the best chance to reach the top of the leader board!

Gala Bingo BOGOF Promo

Gala Bingo BOGOF Deals

Gala Bingo has been one of the UKs biggest and most trusted bingo operators for well over 20 years. They run 143 clubs and have over 5million members, they pay out an average £42 Million in prizes to their retail and online customers every week of the year.

In recent years their online bingo operation has gone from strength to strength and provides the same quality of entertainment, fun and sense of community that their retail clubs are renowned for. Many customers are not able to access a local club for all sorts of reasons, they may live in remote areas, are unable to leave young children or have mobility problems. When you can take advantage of Gala’s online bingo club it really doesn’t matter, you can be sure you will receive all the benefits and exactly the same quality service their retail customers enjoy.

As the New Year begins and many of us look to ‘save a few pennies’, Gala Bingo have come up with some great deals for it’s online bingo players both new and old. New players can receive a £15 bonus when they register and spend just £5, along with everyone else they can then make their money go further by taking advantage of BOGOF ticket offers until the end of January. You wont need to splash a lot of cash to join the friendly online community at Gala, they offer new customers 5 days of FREE BINGO, play for up to 4 hours per day with £30 Bingo bonus funds to be won in every game.

The weather outside may be ‘frightening‘, just curl up in your favourite chair with a cuppa and join the friendly crowd at Gala Bingo, it’s Chat Hosts will be only to happy to help new customers make the most of it’s special offers. You will be playing like a ‘pro‘ before you know it, Lucky Numbers Bingo, Super Spotlight Jackpots every half hour and Night Owl games will keep you entertained on those long dark nights. Waste no more time!, get over to Gala Bingo, complete their straightforward ‘sign up‘, take advantage of all their special offers and Good Luck!.

Big Winners At Gala Bingo

Join a community of individuals that really win when playing at Gala Bingo. Some online bingo sites may seem like there are never actually any winners, but this one is quite different. Gala Bingo ensures that regular players just like you win every day. Test your luck and come out ahead like some of the latest winners at Gala Bingo.

Big Winners

  • There's no such thing as too old to be playing online bingo. A local grandmother from Bradford recently won a massive payout of £110k from Gala Bingo Live. Who knew that just a 15p stake could land a winning of this quantity. This grandmother is planning the vacation of her dreams around the world.
  • A Merseyside local recently took home her winnings of £28k. This “Cash Climber” jackpot winner is now planning a family reunion in New Zealand.
  • Not only are there bingo winners at Gala Bingo, but slots and games players win great cash prizes too. One lucky slot player took home £650k on New Year's Day from the Alice's Wonderland jackpot. Looks like luck is on her side this year.
  • A mom from Pershore recently won £27k from just a £1 bet. These winnings are allowing her to plan a winter holiday for her family, something she never thought they could afford.
  • There are tons of bingo games, slots, vegas-style games, card games and more to be played at Gala Bingo. Players become winners at each game every day. Live Bingo, 90 Ball, Blackjack and Roulette are just some of the most popular games available for play. Even join Gala Bingo Clubs to connect with other players in your area. Real players can share their stories of winning games, jackpots and prizes.

    The highest bingo jackpot currently available is at £18,980 and rises with each game played.

    Free Bingo At Gala Bingo

    If you haven't visited Gala Bingo recently then you may have missed their brand new look which is sleek and very very cool!

    So there's absolutely no doubt that you'll want to sign-up and of course once you do you'll qualify for your £30 Welcome Bonus by depositing and spending just £10!

    Did you know that as a new Gala Bingo member you can also take advantage of the Gala Bingo Newbie's room where you'll be entitled to play free bingo!

    Here's how:
    5 DAYS FREE!
    £30 Bingo bonus funds to be won per game
    Open 4 hours a day

    Yes, you'll have 5 days access to the room starting on the Monday after you join and prizes will be £30 Bingo Bonus funds per game. 1 line: £5 2 lines: £10 Full House: £15.

    The room will be accessible from 12-2pm & 7-9pm every day when you log in to the bingo lobby. Don't miss this opportunity to take advantage of the best beginner's deal in the business!!