Jackpot Bingo Winners

Winners Of Bingo Jackpots

Not only does playing online bingo welcome you into a fantastic group of people who love to chat and play as well as give you access to great games any time of the day. But, of course, there is also the possibility of winning one of the huge jackpots on selected bingo games. Winning these jackpots could change your life forever and all you have to do to be in with a chance is play your favourite online bingo games! Check out some of the latest lucky recipients of bigo jackpots!

Chit Chat Bingo

This month at Chit Chat Bingo Rubelia was the lucky recipient of a massive £25,000 jackpot in Chit Chat’s ‘The Big Win’ bingo tournament. Congratulations to rubelia for going head to head against sterlingt, carlotty1967and wildeyl0101 in the Bingo Live Studio at 8pm on Friday 14th June and winning The Big Win Grand Prize!!

The Big Win was the biggest game show style competition ever to take place at Chit Chat Bingo and ran between February – June. This lucky winner took home a whopping £25,000 cash (on top of the £4,000 won during the semi final) in The Big Win Grand Final.

Mecca Bingo

This month Julie won £28,000 in the Mega Ball Booster! Julie pocketed the jackpot while she made herself a cup of tea! Possibly the best cup of tea ever!

Talking about her massive win she said, “I came in from work and bought my tickets and then went to make myself a cup of tea. When I got back, the game had been won and I hadn’t even seen it play out but the roomies were telling me that I had won £28K. I couldn’t believe it and had to phone Mecca to check that I had. It’s just amazing. I am going to get new windows for the house, treat my kids to a holiday and help my son with his wedding next year but most importantly I am going to buy myself a new pair of slippers as the dog ate one of them yesterday and I couldn’t buy another pair until payday!!”

Paddy Power Bingo

As soon as you start playing bingo you are opening yourself up to the possibility of a fantastic bingo jackpot. Jambabes is testament to this as she only joined Paddy Power recently and within a day dropped a massive jackpot.

“Within a day of joining Paddypower Bingo I won a significant amount of money which enabled me to continue playing. The site is certainly user friendly and most of all IT IS FUN. I love playing Deal or No Deal.”

Well done Jambabes, lets hope you online bingo experience continues to be exciting!

Sun Bingo

You can never be sure when Lady Luck is going to smile on you! When you need her most she’s nowhere to be found then when you least expect it she pays you a visit twice! As Mark A recently found out at Sun Bingo when he won a fanastic jackpot of over £3,000 on Bargain Bingo then scooped a jackpot of £1,265 on Bingo 90 just a little over a week later.

“To win one jackpot was enough but to win two jackpots in two weeks, I’m speechless! Thank you Sun Bingo – two holidays and a new bike! Still in shock!”

Congratulations Mark, enjoy your holidays and your new bike!

Race To The States At Sun Bingo

If you ever fancied the notion of jet setting state side then Sun Bingo could be just the ticket to make your dreams come through!

At Sun Bingo, right now, you can win a trip to the Kentucky Derby and Miami!

Hit the bonus round on Sundown Park for your chance to win an unforgettable trip to the world famous Kentucky Derby and the vibrant city of Miami!

Plus, don't miss your chance to win an extra £100 cash every day at Sun Bingo!

Simply wager a minimum of £30 on Sundown Park Slots and hit the bonus round between Monday September 10 and Sunday September 16 for your chance to win. Good luck!

Sun Bingo Winners

Sun Bingo Online provides players with a number of fun and unique games. Playing these games can be done simply for fun or in hopes of hitting the jackpot. Winners are selected every day at games such as bingo, slots and more. If you have thought that winning wasn't really possible, these stories from recent big winners will prove otherwise.

Recent Sun Bingo Winners
The latest Sun Bingo winners have taken home prizes ranging from £1.00 to £4104.11 and everywhere in between. BettySuarez4 was the lucky winner who took home the grand prize of £4104.11 just recently. Users by the names of uptheboro and deb180471 took home a whopping £1000.00 prize. Giddybabe's day was made when she won £2841.75. There's no telling who could be the next big Sun Bingo winner. It could even be you!

Sun Bingo Big Winners
Beverley P from Bedfordshire proved that it was her lucky day when she won an amazing £16,584 when playing Bingo 90. Beverley stated that she was in complete shock from the win, an amount that will change her life.

Emma D from Chesire won a brand new Fiat 500 thanks to Sun Bingo. After a few years of terrible luck, Emma was ecstatic when she received the news that she had won a new car. The vehicle will help her to take her little one to and from doctors appointments, school and more.

What may have been an unlucky day for some, was the luckiest day ever for Tanya D. She took home a new Fiat 500 by simply playing her favorite game of bingo on Friday the 13th. The number 13 is now her new lucky number.

Sun Bingo also offers a number of great promotions. By referring a friend to join, players will receive a free £10 bonus.

Bingo Deals At Paddy Power

Paddy Power Bingo delivers one of the most impressive bingo bonus schedules available. It includes sign-up bonuses, freebies, daily promotions, weekend opportunities, and bonuses for each weekday. Here is a look at just some of the bonuses that are available when playing bingo at Paddy Power:

Welcome Bonus
Open a new account at Paddy Power Bingo, create your chat name, deposit at least £5, and then spend at least £5 on bingo tickets within 48 hours. Do that and Paddy Power will award you with a free £20 bonus.

Star Rewards
On the very first £1 staked, players start participating in the Paddy Power reward structure. Star Reward Points convert into dollars, and there are four VIP tiers: White, Silver, Gold and Supernova.

Escalator Jackpot
The escalator jackpot at Paddy Power Bingo is a progressive bingo jackpot that continues to grow in value until someone wins it. The current escalator started at £100k and is already over £114k.

Daily Bingo Linx
Paddy Power Bingo hosts Bingo Linx every day at 12pm, 6pm and 10:30pm. The tickets only ever cost 50p, and the total guaranteed prize amount from these games each day is an impressive £8k.

Saturday Night In and Win
The In and Win special on Saturday nights takes place in the Sapphire room. Games start at 9pm, 10pm and 11pm, and in addition to standard Sapphire winnings, there’s a £500 bonus on all full houses.

Stellar Sundays
Some Sundays are “Stellar Sundays,” which means that all Star Points are doubled. Any action in the bingo hall that would normally earn loyalty points pays out twice as much for the entire day.

Free Bingo
There is free bingo available every single day at this bingo hall. These games take place every hour from 12pm to 12am in the Bargain Basement room and non-stop from 7pm to 11pm in the Super Room.

Roomie of the Week
Each week, Paddy selects the friendliest and most productive person from the chat rooms. You don’t even have to gamble to win this award, and the prize amount is a thrilling 20,000 Star Points.

Big Winners At Gala Bingo

Join a community of individuals that really win when playing at Gala Bingo. Some online bingo sites may seem like there are never actually any winners, but this one is quite different. Gala Bingo ensures that regular players just like you win every day. Test your luck and come out ahead like some of the latest winners at Gala Bingo.

Big Winners

  • There's no such thing as too old to be playing online bingo. A local grandmother from Bradford recently won a massive payout of £110k from Gala Bingo Live. Who knew that just a 15p stake could land a winning of this quantity. This grandmother is planning the vacation of her dreams around the world.
  • A Merseyside local recently took home her winnings of £28k. This “Cash Climber” jackpot winner is now planning a family reunion in New Zealand.
  • Not only are there bingo winners at Gala Bingo, but slots and games players win great cash prizes too. One lucky slot player took home £650k on New Year's Day from the Alice's Wonderland jackpot. Looks like luck is on her side this year.
  • A mom from Pershore recently won £27k from just a £1 bet. These winnings are allowing her to plan a winter holiday for her family, something she never thought they could afford.
  • There are tons of bingo games, slots, vegas-style games, card games and more to be played at Gala Bingo. Players become winners at each game every day. Live Bingo, 90 Ball, Blackjack and Roulette are just some of the most popular games available for play. Even join Gala Bingo Clubs to connect with other players in your area. Real players can share their stories of winning games, jackpots and prizes.

    The highest bingo jackpot currently available is at £18,980 and rises with each game played.