Bet Fred Bingo Deals

When it comes to promotions for bingo players, there is perhaps no better option online than Bet Fred Bingo. Players will appreciate bonuses that reward anything from surviving a Monday to enjoying a birthday. Combined with a large number of special game rooms, the online casino's commitment to both high winnings and a great value on overall game play cannot be understated.

Get a Bonus Just for Signing Up
Bet Fred Bingo, like many online casinos, rewards new players simply for bringing their business — and their good luck — to the website's bingo games. For this reason, every new player who signs up for an account at Bet Fred Bingo will enjoy a £30 bonus after they've completed the process and funded their account with an initial deposit. That's a great way to start taking advantage of this great online gaming site.

A Bonus For Playing — and Playing Hard
Bet Fred Bingo likes to encourage its players to bet intelligently, and bet often. To that end, the company offers a generous bonus to those players who spend £100 or more on any of its games throughout the website between Monday and Wednesday. Once players have reached this threshold, they'll be granted a £10 bonus that can be used toward bingo games or any games the online casino hosts.

Thank God it's Friday — There's a Bonus for That!
Bet Fred Bingo doesn't just reward players who test their luck on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Wednesdays. Those players who bet £50 or more on the company's slot games on any particular Friday will enjoy a £5 bonus that can be put toward any of the casino's online bingo games that day.

Plenty of Other Bonuses
Bet Fred Bingo offers a number of great opportunities to maximise winnings and reward good luck. The company's monetary promotions on certain days of the week, and directly after signing up, are paired with promotional rooms that offer day-specific bonus plays, extra winning opportunities, and special rewards for those who spend the most and enjoy the most sustained runs of good luck.

With a smart strategy that takes advantage of each of these bonuses, gamers at Bet Fred Bingo will find it especially easy to turn their regular deposit into even better payouts, week after week.

Bingo Deals At Paddy Power

Paddy Power Bingo delivers one of the most impressive bingo bonus schedules available. It includes sign-up bonuses, freebies, daily promotions, weekend opportunities, and bonuses for each weekday. Here is a look at just some of the bonuses that are available when playing bingo at Paddy Power:

Welcome Bonus
Open a new account at Paddy Power Bingo, create your chat name, deposit at least £5, and then spend at least £5 on bingo tickets within 48 hours. Do that and Paddy Power will award you with a free £20 bonus.

Star Rewards
On the very first £1 staked, players start participating in the Paddy Power reward structure. Star Reward Points convert into dollars, and there are four VIP tiers: White, Silver, Gold and Supernova.

Escalator Jackpot
The escalator jackpot at Paddy Power Bingo is a progressive bingo jackpot that continues to grow in value until someone wins it. The current escalator started at £100k and is already over £114k.

Daily Bingo Linx
Paddy Power Bingo hosts Bingo Linx every day at 12pm, 6pm and 10:30pm. The tickets only ever cost 50p, and the total guaranteed prize amount from these games each day is an impressive £8k.

Saturday Night In and Win
The In and Win special on Saturday nights takes place in the Sapphire room. Games start at 9pm, 10pm and 11pm, and in addition to standard Sapphire winnings, there’s a £500 bonus on all full houses.

Stellar Sundays
Some Sundays are “Stellar Sundays,” which means that all Star Points are doubled. Any action in the bingo hall that would normally earn loyalty points pays out twice as much for the entire day.

Free Bingo
There is free bingo available every single day at this bingo hall. These games take place every hour from 12pm to 12am in the Bargain Basement room and non-stop from 7pm to 11pm in the Super Room.

Roomie of the Week
Each week, Paddy selects the friendliest and most productive person from the chat rooms. You don’t even have to gamble to win this award, and the prize amount is a thrilling 20,000 Star Points.