Winning Big At Wink Bingo

Wink Bingo is a popular online bingo hall that keeps turning out big winners. The site is so proud of its commitment to giving back to its base that it posts the winners and win amounts along with quotes straight from the horse’s mouth. Here’s a brief rundown of recent accomplishments:

Wink recently hosted the £6k Spring Fling Game, which had three significant winners in all. Dolphin211 won £3,000 and promised to take her family somewhere exotic. Users ryman and tweety67 both won £1,500. Ryman promised a family vacation too, and tweety67 simply burst with unbridled excitement.

The 1TG room is a weekly Wink promotion, which is held on Thursdays on hosted by Ben and Carla. At a recent 1TG, user shaejoe had his first-ever big win and walked away with an impressive £2,440+.

The Saturday 2500 is a regular pre-buy jackpot game that Wink hosts during Saturday primetime. This event has a long history of big winners, and users SJR34 and Moulden walked away with £1,250 each. SJR34 actually won on just six tickets, and user Rich2178 recently won £500 with just one.

In The High 5 room, a regular Wink bingo room, user collete11 won more than £1k. Weeks earlier, user xxmoonshinexx won £2,000 in the same room. Interestingly, she used some of that money to play online slots. On one of her spins, she hit big, pocketing a jackpot worth more than £8,000.

Last but not least, The Hangout Room is consistently one of Wink’s biggest winning rooms. Recently, user Alph1 won nearly £7k and told his roomies to keep their heads up: Their time will come!